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Gym App as a Must Have For Fitness Freaks


One of the main and basic problems occurs when you opening or running your own business is “how to handle each and every aspects of your gym business.” Business aspect such as: gym trainee, gym trainer, products, diet plan for each trainee, workout plan for each trainee, products, payment, and fees. Except these you also need to grow your gym business to earn more income but the main problem is you don’t have the right platform to advertise your business and interact with the clients. So you have to adopt a technology or system which supports your business to run smoothly. Read more about How Grocery Mobile App Increase Your Business Sales

Here, the best best app builder ‘Appsmarche’ designed a fully customizable best gym mobile app for you that support your business to run and grow smoothly. It also save lots of time and money to yours and yours client also. Read more about how appsmarche increases sales your retail business

The Gym mobile app is a fully customizable mobile app for android mobile platform. It offers you various interactive features and functionality for you and your clients. The gym app has mainly three modules: gym admin, gym trainer, and gym trainee (user). The gym admin can easily manage its rest two modules with the help of gym admin web dashboard.

Features of gym admin web dashboard:

Assign plans: Admin can assign any plan like diet or workout plan to any clients according to their gym history at anywhere any time.

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Diet plans: Admin can view the existing diet plan of their clients and also can assign new plan.

Workout plans: Admin can view the workout plan of each and every user or client through the web dashboard, and also assign new workout plan for them so that in case if the trainee are not available they can continue their exercise. Read more about Best Fitness Mobile App

Trainers: The gym admin can also view the profile of gym trainer and add or remove the trainer. They can also view the clients associated with him.

Personal trainers: Admin can view all the personal trainers working in the gym and client associated with them.

Clients: Admin can view all the details of the trainee or clients associated with gym. They can also add or remove the clients with the help of gym admin web dashboard.

Categories: Admin can view the exercise type of each user. Exercise type like which type of exercise they perform such as: aerobic, push up, yoga, etc.

These features of fitness app make your business management smart and easy instead of managing everything via pen, paper or excel, and also interact the clients to your business, so that you can smoothly grow and run your business.

AppsMarche Gym App Builder helps gym owners to manage GYM and its members in better and efficient manner by providing them customized workout plans, diet plans, promotional activities and new offers.

AppsMarche Mobile App Builder enables business users to build mobile app for their respective business domain such as retail, catering, real estate, restaurant, doctor, gym.