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AppsMarche is a unique platform that offers custom Mobile Application Development to serve different industries best suitable to their requirements and pocket. We are the one that leverages best ever mobile app solutions to the client inquiries by tailoring them as per their business requirements. With the help of our development team's extensive experience and expertise, we ensure the best and innovative solution to our clients by on time delivery, superior products and 24 by 7 support. Customers can easily get an application form online for their respective business category by following some basic steps equipped with user manuals and 'how to do' guide.

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Customer Application

Customer application is equipped with required key features which can serve your customer in a better way and helps your business to grow with time. The application was developed post detailed study on market. Our team is continuously working on these applications to make it more effcient. The Key features are:

  • User friendly Interface
  • Maintain history of placed orders
  • Add to cart feature to save selected items to place order later
  • User can save multiple addresses
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Admin Application

Admin application enables the business owner to be in touch with their customers in a time efficient manner. A business owner can review the orders received from their customers and take appropriate action which will be notified to the respective customer in real time manner. Key Features of the Admin application are:

  • Instant order notification for new orders
  • Accept/Reject the order
  • Update order status
  • Notify customer about the Order Status
  • Designate available delivery staff to deliver the order
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Web Application

Business Owners can easily customize all the applications through web interface. The features are given below:

  • 24X7: Make your business available round the clock
  • Banners: Change banners of the application
  • Customers: Manage their customers with ease
  • Promotions: Manage business promotions
  • Space: Usage of available space to upload Video and Images
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Manage Your Customers

Business owner can manage their customers from web application:

  • All: View list of all customers
  • New: Add new customers
  • Update: Manage customer profiles
  • Feedback: Can view feedback provided by customers
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Manage Products and Orders

Enables business owner to maintain the products and orders

  • Product Management: Maintain the products
  • Order Management: Details available of all the orders received
  • Dashboard: Graphical display of business performance

How AppsMarche worthwhile your business?

AppsMarche is a finest platform that provides fully customized digitally advanced mobile applications for various business segments across the world that explores the capability of business at online market. The platform is developed with the mantra of “Your Business Your Customer” which helps the business persons to expand their limited business hours to 24*7 and showcase their business to online Marche. AppsMarche makes its services and product management system very easy to use, affordable and flawless.
The AppsMarche customer centric apps will serve all the facilities to the customers of a specific merchant. These apps build a strong communication system between a retailer and the consumer. AppsMarche is digital business solution platform that creates apps for vendors to increase the business profit and capture maximum customer online.

Track your Business performance on graphs
Increase sales and productivity
Real time update to seller and customer
Vendors can maintain their loyal customers

AppsMarche Benefits

AppsMarche will enhance customer satisfaction and business growth by providing fully customized mobile application for different business segments.


Business owners can easily customize the information which is to be displayed such as services, promotions, banners etc.

24X7 Availability

AppsMarche is available 24*7 for customer support, so you can reach out to our team anytime.


Service and product management becomes easy with the help of web interface.

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Live Update

You and your customer will get live updates for all the changes made in your business and about every single order.

Cloud Storage

You get cloud storage for your audio, video and images of your business. The storage capacity is based on your plan.

High Security

The data of your customers and business will be stored and encrypted and available only to authorized users.

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