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Advantages of HTML5 Development 2 Appsmarket


Appsmarche best app builder Brings you Advantages of HTML5 Development 2 Appsmarket it includes all about HTML5 strengths lie in three major areas,semantic enrichment, Rich Internet Applications, and native support for rich media

1. Audio/Video Support

In the previous versions, audio and video elements were using the Flash Player or other third party media players for making these elements accessible to only a few people who have these players installed. But HTML5 has introduced many new and enticing elements with and

being one of the most popular ones, thus, allowing you to add numerous multi-media elements to the website without any glitch. Read more about Advantage of HTML5

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2. Geo-location

HTML5 has a Geo-location API that allows user to easily detect the location of a user and cater the tailored content to its users. This enticing feature would, however, require a user’s consent to accurately identify his/her location but makes web browsing much more accessible, easy and specific for the users.

3. Fascinating Interface

Better interactions always results in enhanced marketing and more sales for the businesses. And, with HTML5, users would be able to make the website more engaging and interesting. The new and enticing drawing element allows user to achieve animation and other exciting features that keep the users engrossed. Even it allows you to create feature-packed and rich internet applications, which in turn, improve the penetration and conversion for your website. Read more about Mantra to Improve User Retaining for Your App

4. Game Development

Since its inception, games are very popular among Internet users. With the advent of HTML5, games can now be developed by using the tag. Now users can play much more engaging and interesting games. Unlike the old school flash games; these games are much more engrossing and easy to develop.

5. Improved Storage

HTML5 lets you enjoy enhanced storage feature, which is a perfect bond between the cookies style storage and client-side database. HTML5 offers better services in terms of security, thus allowing easy and secured storage.

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