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Appsmarche Endorses Educational Apps


In the current scenario education is changing, guardians try to taught inside for preliminary level and those who are going enhance their skills. Best Mobile App Builder plays a major role in fulfilling this demand. An app on appsmarket has been developed to satisfy this need of children. It will taught you enhance knowledge and it is interactive will give fun. There are many applications in the market but they are specific to subjects i.e. some games are part of maths and some spelling. In a survey report June, 2015, children most likely to play games on mobile rather than playing outside so this application serve the purpose of fun activity and also utilizes the time. This app enhances the learning capacity of the children. See also how a mobile app helps to grow your business

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The Pie-RD3 App will be developing keeping in mind to enhance learning capabilities of children from age 4 to 11. This app on appsmarket will not be specific to any age group but we are supposing to make levels of learning in the app. This app is combination of vocab exercises and math exercises. Appsmarche best app builder proposing the ‘learn by fun’ with this application. The basic math operation will be asked in the most interactive manner that the children will eager and easily solve the problem. Just other than that, the second segment of the app offers the word spelling improvement. Words are arrange in small tabular format with the level it will become complex. In other word I can say this app will work as small kindergarten for the kids through they can learn things in interactive manner. Read more about challenges faced in business growth

Appsmarche app builder proposed to develop a pie-RD3 mobile application on the online platform of android OS. Our idea is to give parents an option to e-learning with fun.

 Solution We Provide in Our Educational android mobile application:


  • The biggest problem is faced by any parent is to provide best education to their kids to make their future brighter.

  • Math’s and English are the main factors from which any one can build his/her life in better way. Parent’s biggest challenge is how to choose the right apps for the kids to teach them Math’s and English Vocabulary with entertainment.

  • Another factor is that whatever you pay for any educational game is worth for that much or amount which we paid. 


Our app developers have grasped that an app dedicated to children has to be both educational and entertaining

  • Children have a countless natural sense of wonder and interest, so the trick is to finding the best way to nurture their behaviours this is how your effort to develop a mobile educational android application will pay off in the end

  • The educational android math’s and vocabulary application for children helps them to learning at their fingertips

  • This application will make your kids’ education both interactive and entertaining

  • We focus on high quality contain

  • Design the best user-friendly & basic level form these kids can involve with this app easily

  • Mobile educational app that teachers, parents and kids will appreciate and use

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