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Catering App

Catering App in just USD 169

This App is used as a medium between the user and a catering service. Caterers are growing, as they are able to manage all the parties by themselves and handle all the risks. Now the host can enjoy each and every moment without worrying about all the arrangements.
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Subscription Plans

Admin Web Dashboard

This web interface enables the business owner to maintain its customers and services in an easy manner. Catering services are becoming popular as they offer to manage all the requirements of any party such as music, food, magic shows, puppet shows and any other services based on client requirement. By handing over all the requirements to caterer, persons offering party can enjoy each and every moment.

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Big DataBase

AppsBazar offer big database to showcase your catering service better in pocket size.

Discount system

The admin can create discount cards to feature attractions in his catering services.

Media and packages-

The admin can easily create packages with media to get book customise orders such as wedding catering etc.

Mobile App For User

With the help of Admin App customer can view the catering services provided by the caters and all the pary packages and theme parties organised by that caters. we can view all the menus provided and get in touch with that caters if any promotion or discount available on their services.

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Rich interface

In this app user will get interactive interface for their searches regarding catering services.


With user app, promotion feature is integrated to increase the customer base.

Lightweight Size

The app size will take very less storage in their devices, thus customer can install without hesitation of mobile configuration.

MobileApp Screenshots

Here are screens of your mobile app which is exclusive for you and your customers!!