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NGO App in just USD 199

AppsMarche NGO app is worth a solution that supports social activities and services across the world. It provides information about several NGOs, along with its events and activities to engage with the people that support you or volunteers in a subtle manner. It majorly notifies the customers to increase awareness and let people know the activities you organize for some major causes
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Subscription Plans

Admin Web Dashboard

The AppsMarche NGO web application has been provided to the direct customers who are behind the NGO's smooth run and handle it solely. Such responsible individuals are benefitted with features like managing their customers, donors, events, funds and volunteers. This web application also known as analytical dashboard provides an easy and efficient to manage their several organizations and projects.

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Large Database

AppsMarche offer big database to showcase your social services better in pocket size.


A huge gallery section is there that gives customers an idea about how the NGO works and what kind of activities they are indulged in and are updated regularly.

Create Events

The admin provides and manage details about the events organized and can add or update details as per requirements.

Mobile App For User

With the help of user app provided by mobile app creator, the user will be able to volunteer via registration. He can enroll himself for several activities for chosen NGO. The donors can donate some amount of fund or any kind of donation via app. He can also provide recommendations and suggestions in form of feedback for the betterment of NGOs he is interested in for future projects.


Rich Interface

In this app user will get interactive interface for their searches regarding NGO services.

Lightweight Size

The app size will take very less storage in their devices, thus customer can install without much worrying about mobile configuration.


This is one of the most important features of AppsMarche NGO app, where customers and donors can donate money or any other item as per their convenience to support the cause.

MobileApp Screenshots

These screenshot are showing the rich interface of our Doctor App